Work Principles


Stability and growth can only be achieved through a sound foundation.

This is why I keep things clean from the get go. It is crucial to elaborate clear specifications to be able to decide which are the frameworks, tools and organizational structure that best fit the complexity and technological requirements of the project. I never start from zero. There are plenty of boilerplates and kickstarters that provide a solid starting point. Frameworks like AngularJS, Mean.js, Ruby on Rails or Java EE help to keep the code organized and ensure scalability and maintainability.


Establishing a connection to the user through beautiful design and a clear & concise visual language.

This is the life blood of a worthwhile user experience. I learned to make things beautiful by building data-visualizations with Flash and Javascript and I frequently flex that muscle by creating small computational art pieces that can be seen in my lab. Following the slogan 'Form follows function' I always design views by putting usability first. All frontends must look great on desktops and mobile devices alike. For this I like to use frameworks like Bootstrap and CSS-extensions like Sass or Less.


Data-Security and reliability by employing tried-and-true tools and best-practices.

I do test-driven development whenever I am granted the necessary resources. While first taking time this approach gives back plenty in the long run. Using frameworks and adhering to best-practices helps to cover the basic security risks. But one of the most important parts in security matters is educating users about password strength and commonly used techniques like phishing and social engineering.